Dr. J.A. Roura

Dr. J.A. Roura

My training as an otorhinolaryngologist began in 1985. It was at a time that major advances in diagnosis using imaging techniques and endoscopic surgery were integrated into routine clinical practice. Another milestone during this period was the consolidation of rigorously approved training programmes for medical specialists in specialised hospitals. A third factor was also added to these circumstances: an increased flow in transmission of information between members of the scientific community. In such a scenario, where the complexity and volume of technical knowledge together with increased demands for results in surgical outcomes, super-specialisation seemed an unstoppable phenomenon. I, as a otolaryngologist and cervicofacial surgeon, opted for nasal surgical pathology.

I have developed my career by practising functional and corrective nasal surgery with the objective of producing complementary respiratory and aesthetic results. Simultaneously, in collaboration with fellow pneumologists, I have had the opportunity to participate in the treatment of a significant number of patients with sinonasal polyposis which is often associated with bronchial asthma. In the field of surgical investigation I have worked on the design of prosthetic septals for the reconstruction of lesions caused by cocaine.

I invite you to visit my website. You will find user-friendly information about my usual surgical procedures. If you wish, you can have access to videos showing my methods of working in theatre. With regards to rhinoplasty, images found in the gallery give an idea of my approach and results.


  • 1979: Internal Selection. Professorship in Human Anatomy, School of Medicine, University of Barcelona.
  • 1981: Internal Selection. Professorship in General Pathology and Medical Propedeutics, School of Medicine, University of Barcelona.
  • 1983: Bsc in Medicine and Surgery, School of Medicine, University of Barcelona.
  • 1989: Specialist in Otolaryngology and MIR Cervicofacial. ENT Department of the Hospital Clinic, Barcelona.
  • 1990: Doctoral Thesis - Prolonged intubation laryngeal injuries in ICU patients. University of Barcelona.
  • 1989-1990: Fellowship in functional and aesthetic nasal surgery. Unità Sanitaria Imola. Dir. Prof. G. Sulsenti.
  • 1990-1991: Fellowship in endoscopic surgery of the nasal cavity and sinus. Fellowship in endoscopic laser surgery with pigment markers in the treatment of upper aerodigestive tract tumors. Vaudois University Hospital Centre, Lausanne. Dir. Prof. M. Savary.


  • 1985-1989: Resident Medical Specialist. Department of Otolaryngology, Hospital Clínic, Barcelona.
  • 1989-1990: Medical Researcher for Selection Process. Clinic Foundation Scholarship.
  • 1991-1993: Medical Researcher. Health Research Fund of Social Security.
  • 1989-1990: Founder of Pathophysiology and Rhinologica Surgery Committee. Hospital Clínic, Barcelona.
  • 1989-1997: Medical Specialist in Otolaryngology at ICS.
  • 1989-1992: Head of Department of Otolaryngology. Hospital Sant Jaume.
  • 1990-1996: Director of the Institute of Rhinology, Centre for Pathophysiology and Nasal Surgery, Barcelona.
  • 1994-present: Director of the Roura Institute of Otorhinolaryngology. Quiron Hospital, Barcelona.


  • 1987: Honorary Award from the Academy of Medical Sciences.

Scientific Societies

  • 1985: Member of the Spanish Society of ENT and Cervicofacial Surgery.
  • 1989: Member of the European Society of Rhinology.
  • 2004: Member of the American Academy of ENT.

Publications and Conferences

  • 53 presentations and participations in national and international conferences.
  • 18 publications in journals and national and international specialist books.