Uvulopalatine retraction

Patients with adequate anatomical structures (nasal and throat) together with a good height to weight ratio may achieve an improvement in snoring by the surgical reduction in size and laxity of the soft palate.

Even with optimum conditions you cannot ensure 100% satisfaction because snoring is a complex phenomenon which depends on factors which are difficult to control such as sleeping position.

To improve the prospects of success it is very important to try and maintain correct weight and keep good sleeping habits as well as avoiding taking muscle relaxants at night, alcohol included.

If the required modification is small, short wave frequency can be used. Generally, it is done over three sessions with each session a month apart. Local anaesthetic is administered to the palate and then radio frequency is applied to three or five points around the uvula using a hand held transmitter.

The process takes about 15 minutes. Afterwards you will be able to continue with your normal activities since the effects of the local anaesthetic disappear within approximately 30 minutes. Localised discomfort is usually quite tolerable.